U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse's Analog Electronics PDF

By U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse

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The value of B depends on the line configuration and in the case of cables is usually obtained from a computer program. 5. For very long transmission circuits, occasionally the long-line model is used. , 625 km, which is approximately 1/8 the wavelength). In some, higher frequency signals are involved, and the corresponding shorter 1/8 wavelength point is approximately 37,50O/f (where f isin Hertz) kilometers. 47 is such that +I, flows in the direction of +x. Let bus 2 be the other line terminal located at x = 1, and let the voltage at bus 2 be V2 and the current be +I2, V2 = VI cosh yl - I I Z csinh yt?

This section introduces the models for hydraulic and steam turbines and their respective governing systems. A. HydraulicTurbinesandGoverningModels The hydraulic turbine model describes the characteristics of gate opening nz andoutput mechanicalpower. 23) + where Tw is water-starting time. Because of the “water hammer” effect, a change in gate position produces an initial turbine power change that is opposite to that whichis sought. For stable control performance, a large transient (temporary) droop with a long resetting time is required.

The assumption that Ac$ = AOi significantlysimplifies the analysis and gives results that are qualitatively correct. 33, we get for i 2, . 38) + DLi and APi = 2Tik(AJi- A&). From the way DLi adds k= 1 1 to Di, we expect the (positive) load dependence on frequency to contribute to system damping. 10. 38)inblock diagram form. 13 we have A o i as an output and APMi as an input and can closethepower control loop by introducing the turbine governor block diagram. B. AGC System Models 1. Case A: Two Generating Units In this case, we have two synchronizingcoefficients to consider, T12and T 2 1 .

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