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By Don S. Lemons

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A textbook for physics and engineering scholars that recasts foundational difficulties in classical physics into the language of random variables. It develops the ideas of statistical independence, anticipated values, the algebra of standard variables, the principal restrict theorem, and Wiener and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck techniques. solutions are supplied for a few difficulties.

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Let the independent displacements X i of an n-step random walk be identically distributed so that mean{X 1 } = mean{X 2 } = . . mean{X n } = µ and var{X 1 } = var{X 2 } = . . var{X n } = σ 2 . The net displacement is given by X = X 1 + X 2 + · · · + X n . a. Find mean{X }, var{X }, and X 2 as a function of n. PROBLEMS 21 b. A steady wind blows the Brownian particle, causing its steps to the right to be larger than those to the left. That is, the two possible outcomes of each step are X 1 = xr and X 2 = − xl where xr > xl > 0.

At what time does the concentration peak pass the observer? 3. Brownian Motion √ with Drift. Consider the dynamical equation X (t + dt) − X (t) = αdt + δ 2 dtNtt+dt (0, 1), describing Brownian motion superimposed on a steady drift of rate α. a. 3. b. Find the associated probability density p(x, t). c. Show that the √ full width of p(x, t) at half its maximum value increases in time as 2 2δ 2 t ln 2. 5. Sedimentation: layers of Brownian particles drifting downward and diffusing in a viscous fluid.

The central limit theorem is so called because it plays a central role in the statistical sciences. Repeated addition turns statistically independent non-normal variables with finite means and variances into normal variables. Note, however, that the central limit theorem makes no claim about how quickly normality is approached as more terms are added to the sum Sm . One suspects that the closer to normal the addends X i are, the more quickly Sm approaches normality. After all, normality is achieved with only two addends if the two are individually normal.

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