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By Isaac Asimov

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Discusses the constellations and stars, the space, luminosity and measurement, stellar astronomy, starlight, and existence on different planetary structures, with designated connection with the 3rd brightest and in addition the closest famous person. Alpha Centauri.

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Though very By it is this distance. The easiest conclusion is that Barnard's star, small and very dim star, whose so close. see that brightness alone is no criterion of the average, bright stars are closer to us than stars are, but a given its 10,000 times as bright as can barely be picked up in the telescope even we can On is close, is a very small feeble flicker though proper motion, size, dim star might be dim chiefly dim because of and might be closer than a given bright star. 01 620 can't judge by proper really know that motion alone all stars are moving either.

Many of the Arabic names describe the position of the star in the imaginary pictures suggested by the constellation. " In the constellation of Taurus there is a bright star that follows right behind the Pleiades as the sky turns. " There are two stars in Ursa Major that are close together, and one of which is much dimmer than the others. " Finally, we have the star Algol in the constellation of Perseus. lation is Vega, One myths was his slaying of the Medusa, a creature with snakes for hair and with so frightful an appearance that anyone who looked at her was turned to stone.

More were worked out by others until, by 1752, the list was complete and astronomers had the eighty-eight constellations that are listed in Table 2. In 1930 the boundaries of there is now no tion or another. all eighty-eight spot in the sky that is of the The Large Magellanic Cloud new official; not part of one constella- Dorado, while the Small Magellanic Cloud Some were made is is, for instance, in in Tucana. constellations offered particularly interest- ing sights. At about a declination of -60° there were to be seen four bright stars arranged so that they seemed to be at the ends of a Latin cross (just a seen and reported first little crooked).

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