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By Peter W. O’Hearn, Robert D. Tennent

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To build a compiler for a latest higher-level programming languagel one must constitution the interpretation to a machine-like intermediate language in a manner that displays the semantics of the language. little is expounded approximately such struc­ turing in compiler texts which are meant to hide a wide selection of software­ ming languages. extra is related within the Iiterature on semantics-directed compiler development [1] yet the following too the perspective is particularly common (though constrained to at least one languages with a finite variety of syntactic types). at the different handl there's a significant physique of labor utilizing the continuation-passing transformation to constitution compilers for the explicit case of call-by-value languages resembling SCHEME and ML [21 3]. ln this paperl we are going to describe a style of structuring the interpretation of ALGOL-like languages that's in keeping with the functor-category semantics devel­ oped through Reynolds [4] and Oles [51 6]. another procedure utilizing type concept to constitution compilers is the early paintings of F. L. Morris [7]1 which anticipates our remedy of boolean expressionsl yet doesn't take care of systems. 2 kinds and Syntax An ALGOL-like language is a typed lambda calculus with an strange repertoire of primitive varieties. all through such a lot of this paper we imagine that the primi­ tive forms are comm(and) int(eger)exp(ression) int(eger)acc(eptor) int(eger)var(iable) I and that the set eight of varieties is the least set containing those primitive kinds and closed lower than the binary operation -.

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We will return to this problern in Section 6. 2 Syntax The type structure for the language to be considered is given in Table I. For simplicity, we have avoided coercions and conventional variables (but have retained acceptors, which are the "updating" components of variables; see (Reynolds, 1980, Reynolds, 1981b). lnformally, a data type T (such as Boolean or integer) denotes a set [ T] of values appropriate for some acceptor or expression, whereas a phrase type )' denotes a set or poset [y] of meanings appropriate for some kind of phrase.

Let v, = [P,]Xu(f,Q; g,R)zo for i = 1,2. By the assumption about P1, if [C]X u(f, Q; g,R)zo is defined, it is equal to to [C]X u(f, Q; g,R; fZt>zo E Z1o where Z1 = {z1 e z I [PdX u(f, Q; g,R)zl = vt} , Robert D. _ E] l ·-T _ { [A]xufv(idy)Yo. YI E S(y), if [P]xufyo and [C]xufyo = Yl then [Q]xufyl [C#P]xuf = for all g:y- z and v E {true,false}, S

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