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By Daniel H. Frank

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82 Cohen sees the election of Israel as having both an antecedent and a consequent. This antecedent and this consequent are essentially identical, and they are both necessary. The antecedent is the idea of universal humanity, which is intended by the moral law. The consequent is the realization of this ideal in the messianic era. Israel is "elected" in the sense that she preserves in her religious/ cultural life this ideal, which she has discovered, until the rest of humankind is ready to accept it.

See Steinheim 1990, p. 301. Cf. 1. 7-9. 7. See Ethics 5, prop. 29. 8. 29; Letter to R. Chasdai ha-Levi of Alexandria in Iggerot haRambam vol. 2, p. 689. 9. 24. 10. See Tractatus Theologico-Politicus chaps. 4-5, 7; also, Strauss 1965, pp. 251ff. 11. 10. 12. See Yovel1989, vol. 1, pp. 148, 161-62; vol. 2, pp. 33, 122. 13. Thus in his early essay, "Zur Judenfrage," Marx's atheism and his anti-Semitism are presented in tandem. See Marx 1975, vol. 3, pp. 151, 174. 14. See Cohen 1972, chaps. 1, 3. 15.

21). See Sanhedrin 105a re Ps. 18. 85. See Berakhot 34b re Deut. 2. Also, see Niddah 61b re Ps. 6 and note of R. Zvi Hirsch Chajes thereon; Y. 5/70d re Deut. 19. Cf. 3. 86. See Nachmanides' comment on Exod. 16. 87. Sifra: Acharei-Mot 86a; Yoma 67b re Lev. 4. 88. See Nachmanides' comments on Exod. 11 and Deut. 20. 89. See above, n. 87; also, Sanhedrin 21 b re Deut. 9 and Deut. 21; Y. 4; Midrash Leqah Tov: Chuqat 119b. In this common rabbinic view of the chuqqim, their very unintelligibility is not just apparent, but real.

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