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By Rolando Felix Armendáriz

Warihío is a spoken Uto-Aztecan language with dialects. Upland Warihío is located within the mountains of Chihuahua. River Warihío is spoken alongside the Mayo River in Sonora, Mexico. including Yaqui, Mayo and a number of the Tarahumara dialects, Warihío makes up the Taracahitic sub-group of the Sonoran department of Uto-Aztecan. All box and helping info the following come from the River dialect. This grammatical define touches on all significant elements of River Warihío, together with a short description of its phonology, significant and minor note periods, uncomplicated sentence constitution, voice, and complicated sentences constitution. the outline and research of voice phenomena, together with passives, causatives, and applicatives, follows Shibatanis theoretical framework. additionally incorporated is a short part evaluating a few proper elements of Warihío grammar with Uto-Aztecan languages. the writer acquired his Bachelor and grasp levels in Linguistics from the Universidad de Sonora, México. His Master's Thesis used to be on Yaqui Grammatical family. He obtained a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Rice collage. the writer has released numerous articles on Warihío, and Yaqui grammatical and knowledge constructions.

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Obvious criteria are (1) degree of endangerment of a given language (from the Bad Godesberg meeting in 2000, February, we have been working on a scale of such degrees—cf. g. a dialect of a well-documented language or member of a well-attested branch of a family rated lower than a relative isolate, or language of a relatively unusual type); and one other type of criterion, namely (4) degree of accessibility, which could eliminate some languages ranking very high by the above criteria but which are situated in countries or districts where access or contact is not permitted or is too dangerous, threatening even the life of the linguist and/or speakers, often even in areas which are not war-torn.

Changes in the initial consonant of a word depending on what precedes it or what syntactic position it finds itself in. Thus the word “father” is tad in isolation, but voices its initial consonant (“soft mutation”) in dy dad “your father” (and would also do so as direct object of a finite verb, whether or not adjacent to that verb), fricativizes it (“spirant mutation”) in ei thad “her father”, and nasalizes it (“nasal mutation”) in fy nhad “my father”. There are dialect differences within traditional Welsh as to the details of the mutations, and some dialects have lost the so-called spirant mutation, but all varieties of traditional Welsh have systematic use of mutations.

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