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By Alice R. Gaby

This grammar bargains a complete description of Kuuk Thaayorre, a Paman language spoken at the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, Australia. The Paman languages of Cape York have lengthy been famous for his or her exhibition of substantial phonological, semantic and morphosyntactic swap (e.g. Hale 1964, Dixon 1980). but there has earlier been no released complete reference grammar of a language from this quarter (some first-class dictionaries, theses and caricature grammars though, e.g. corridor 1972, Alpher 1973, 1991, Crowley 1983, Kilham et al. 1986, Sutton 1995, Smith & Johnson 2000).

On the foundation of elicited information, narrative and semi-spontaneous dialog recorded among 2002 and 2008, in addition to archival fabrics, this grammar information the phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexical and constructional semantics and pragmatics of 1 of the few indigenous Australian languages nonetheless used as a prime technique of verbal exchange. Kuuk Thaayorre possesses positive factors of typological curiosity at every one of those levels.

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Phonetically, Thaayorre stops are more frequently aspirated than one would expect of an Australian language. It is in its phonotactic combination of phonemes, however, that Kuuk Thaayorre is particularly noteworthy. A tendency towards closed syllables — with codas containing up to three consonants — frequently leads to consonant clusters of as many as four segments (once one adds the onset of the subsequent syllable). Kuuk Thaayorre is also unusual in allowing sequences of rhotics (both [ɻr] and [ɾɻ]) within the syllable; either as a complex coda or as onset plus syllabic rhotic.

IPFV 2sg(NOM) like sixteen=ONLY=PRAG ‘I thought you were just sixteen’ 2. B: pokon! Ngay NO twenty-four 1sg(NOM) twenty-four ‘no! I’m twenty-four’ [Anon conversation, confirmed LN02/10/02] Where speakers have requested anonymity, or the example is drawn from an unofficial communicative context, the speaker’s initials are replaced by ‘Anon’. For the purposes of this grammar, official contexts are those where the speaker is aware that they are being taped or otherwise recorded for later linguistic analysis and have given explicit permission for this recording to be presented to an audience.

Finally, I have tried to emulate Hall’s (1972) munificent provision of example sentences as far as space will allow. I believe this is important not only for the benefit of future linguists who may wish to form their own conclusions without their being mediated by my own analytical interpretation, but also to help the reader form an impression of the Thaayorre language as it is used. But while Mithun (2001:53) exhorts that grammars should let speakers “speak for themselves, creating a record of spontaneous speech in natural communicative settings”, the reader should not assume that the example sentences herein accurately reflect the culture, interests, priorities or personalities of the speakers that uttered them.

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