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By Wakasa, Motomichi

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Researches on minority languages and language contact in the multilingual nation, Ethiopia] Cushitic-Omotic studies 2004 (A report submitted to the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for a Grant-in aid for scientific research (B)(1), 2001-2004), 1-40. 金沢 [Kanazawa]. 乾秀行 [Inui, Hideyuki] (2006) バスケト語の態(ヴォイス)について [On the voice of the Basketo language]. In: 城生佰太郎博士還暦記念論文集編集委員会 [Editorial board of papers in honor of Dr. ) 実験音声学と一般言語学:城生佰太郎博士還暦記念論文 集 [Experimental phonetics and general linguistics: papers in honor of Dr.

The capital ―S‖ might be another candidate, but unfortunately capitals are kept for glottalized sounds in this thesis. 1). Personally, I think that this notation is ugly. 4)31.

Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Borelli, J. (1890) Vocabulaire de la langue Koullo [A vocabulary of Kullo]. In: Etiopia meridionale, 449-462. Paris: Librairies-Impriméries réunies. Brenziger, Matthias (1995) The ―islands‖ of lake Abbaya and lake Ch‘amo: Harro Ganjule, Gats‘ame, and Bayso. Survey of Little-known Languages of Ethiopia Linguistic Report 26: 2-36. Cerulli, Enrico (1929) Note su alcune popolazioni Sidāmā dell‘Abissinia meridionale [Notes on some Sidama people in southern Ethiopia]. Rassegna di studi Orientali 12: 1-69.

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