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SAID's ninety nine Psalms are poems of compliment and lament, of wondering and thinking about. within the culture of the Hebrew psalmist, they locate their voice in exile, for that reason one who is either existential and geographical. His selection to incorporate ninety nine during this assortment remembers the traditional Muslim culture that ascribes ninety nine names to Allah, even though the "lord" whom this psalmist addresses isn't bounded by means of this or the other non secular culture. As psalms that flip to the "lord" with a lover's vulnerability, they stay away from each hint of sentimentality. really, they search to open us to the secret of human lifestyles, caution us of the problems we are facing in our makes an attempt to stay peaceably jointly in the middle of our differences."These psalms sound the pressing want for revelation, implying a robust corrective to our glossy fabric lifestyles. it's a pleasure to witness the imaginative and prescient of such an arresting poet. this can be a ebook to savor."-Maurice Manning, recipient of the 2009 Hanes Poetry Award from the Fellowship of...

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5 It is a way of addressing the deity across a wide spectrum of religious traditions and cultures. In SAID's hands, though, this “lord” is nothing of an overbearing taskmaster. Rather, he reminds us of a strangely remote and often complicated benefactor who often seems absent to us, but who also stands in need of relationship—at least this psalmist is keen to remind him of this—and thus vulnerable to loneliness and to other emotions we feel. Given the troubled world we inhabit, one should not expect these psalms to be prayers of ease.

We also need a psalter that does not wait for some “still, small voice” but rather calls directly upon the “lord” to be loud and urgent share in my life and my passions accompany me all the way to your bread so that my word might wake [22] Poems like these encourage us in facing the hungers we feel in our lives, while also promising to lead us to the nourishment we long for, that “new language” [47] we need when we find ourselves silent—or silenced. ” I am glad to acknowledge my gratitude to those whose assistance was indispensable over the last year, while I completed work on this translation.

They speak words that unsettle our firmly held conventions, calling for “the strength to ponder and clarify” our lives. [53] They ask for what the poet calls “a wordless space close by” [52] so that we might make room in our lives for new ways of thinking and living. In such ways these late-modern psalms, like their ancient Hebrew antecedents, turn us with fierce honesty and authenticity toward the often difficult realities we face in our lives. They beckon us to come forth from the tombs of our grief, and rebuke us when we linger in the valleys of self-pity or resignation.

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