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This well timed evaluation covers all points of 3 a long time of research of this ghostly remnant of the recent gigantic Bang foundation of the Universe, and examines the implications for astrophysics, cosmology and theories of the evolution of large-scale cosmic constitution. The observational strategies used to degree the spectrum of CBR and its angular distribution at the sky are tested in transparent yet severe element: from the paintings of Penzias and Wilson in 1964 to the newest effects from NASA's Cosmic Microwave heritage Explorer (COBE) satellite tv for pc. This assessment takes those observations and indicates how they've got formed our present figuring out of the early heritage of the Universe and of the foundation and evolution of the large-scale constructions in it. As a finished and updated reference, this booklet is appropriate for researchers.

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This revised version of the first fraction of a second of the history of the Universe is called inflationary cosmology. I will not develop it in detail here, in part because it is less well established observationally or experimentally (but see the review by Guth and Steinhardt, 1984 (at an elementary level); the compilation of Abbott and Pi, 1986; and especially Kolb and Turner, 1990). Instead I will focus on three general topics: (1) problems or 'loose ends' in classical cosmology, (2) how inflation solves those problems, and (3) the imprint that an inflationary epoch may leave in the CBR.

6 Thermal history of the Universe 29 where n , ne and nn are the number densities of protons (ionized H), electrons, and neutral H atoms, respectively. In eqn. 6 eV. The exponential dependence of n InH on Tensures that the formation of neutral atoms was prompt as the temperature of the Universe dropped below about 3000 K. Thus the Universe made a sharp transition between its earlier ionized phase and its later neutral phase (see Peebles, 1971, for details). Expressed in redshift rather than time, the duration of the transition was Az~400, centered at z ~ 1400, when njnn = 1 (for details, see Jones and Wyse, 1985).

Thus, in the inflationary model, the CBR is not exactly primordial, but was instead generated at t ~ 10~32 s after the Big Bang. These fluctuations can introduce a small measure of inhomogeneity into an otherwise uniform distribution of matter. 5 Inflationary cosmology 19 tuations at t ~ 10~32 s were the ultimate origin of all the large-scale structure we see in the Universe today. It is therefore of considerable importance to note that the inflationary model may allow us to specify the nature, the spectrum and even the amplitude of these fluctuations.

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